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CRESCENT CITY is located on Hwy 101 on the beautiful Northern California coast about 20 miles south of the Oregon border. The area offers an abundance of outdoor recreational activities utilizing the proximity of the Pacific Ocean, the Smith River and Klamath River, Redwood National and State Parks, and the Smith River National Recreation Area. Crescent City is 1.6 square miles in size with a population of 7,542 and a surrounding urban service area of approximately 15,000. County-wide the population is approximately 26,000 encompassing
1003 square miles.The annual rainfall averages 75 inches. Summer coastal temperatures average 60 – 70 degrees, with inland temperatures much warmer. Winter temperatures average 40 – 50 degrees.

City Hall, 377 J Street. Crescent City, Ca. 95531
(707)464-7483, Fax: (707) 465-4405

City Clerk: Rod Butler (707) 464-7483
Deputy City Clerk: Robin Patch (707) 464-7483

Building Permit Information:

City of Crescent City Residential, Commercial Plan Requirements

I. All construction requirements are based on the California Code of Regulations ( CCR ) Title 24: Part 1, 2007 California Administrative Code; Part 2, 2007 California Building Code; Part 3, 2005 National Electrical Code (N.E.C.), 2007 California Electrical Code; Part 4, 2007 California Mechanical Code; Part 5, 2007 California Plumbing Code; Part 9, 2007 California Fire Code.

II. Three complete copies of plans shall be submitted for all new construction. Plans shall be drawn to scale, minimum sheet size shall be 24"x 36". Additions to existing structures minimum sheet size shall be 11"x17". All plans prepared by professionals shall bear the seal and signature of same in original ink. No stamp/seal reproductions will be accepted. All new commercial construction including some tenant improvements shall be engineered by a California licensed Civil or Structural Engineer and two complete sets of structural details and calculations shall be submitted with the plans. A soils report is required for all new construction.

1. Plot Plan: three plot plans with the following information: Owners name and address, site address, Assessors Parcel Number ( APN ), lot size, set backs from property lines, distance between proposed and existing structures, a North arrow, sewer and water line locations, curb, gutter, sidewalk driveway cut details, liquid petroleum gas tank location (LPG), etc.

2. Foundation Plan: A soils report if required, a full dimensioned plan view of the foundation showing the location of all footings and masonry walls. Provide cross-sectional details of the footings showing distance below natural grade, height above adjacent grade, anchor bolts, hold downs, reinforcement size and placement, under floor ventilation requirements if vents are in stem wall, etc.

3. Floor Plan: A full dimensioned plan view showing: room size and use, including balconies, covered and uncovered porches, attached and unattached garages, size and location of all doors and windows, location of smoke detectors, plumbing fixtures, gas and electrical appliances and electrical outlets (lights, plugs and switches). Include a mechanical detail for HVAC equipment, ducts sizes and locations, register locations, cold air return size and location, combustion air sizes and location, plenum, etc.

4. Roof Plan: Provide a complete roof plan including flashing requirements. If roof is conventionally framed, indicate size, spacing and direction of joists, rafters, ridges, blocking, etc. Truss roofs require plan and calculations prepared by a Civil or Structural Engineer. Identify roof finish, sheathing, structural connections, hardware and equipment with manufactures name, product identification number with indicated placement and use. Include all requirements for attic cross flow ventilation.

5. Elevations: Provide four elevations using North, South, East and West identifications. Show the locations of all doors, windows, chimneys and attic vents, exterior finish, patios, balconies, etc. Indicate finished floor elevation. Elevation Certificate may be required.

6. Constructions Details: Provide cross-sectional elevations showing the foundation, underpinning, floor joists, studs, ceiling joists, rafters, pitch of roof and location of intermediate roof supports. The cross-section shall specify ceiling, wall, and floor insulation values.

7. Energy: Submit two sets of calculations showing compliance with the California Energy Commission Regulations (T-24) for new residential, including residential additions and non-residential, commercial construction or use the package method for climate zone 1. The location of water heater, furnace, and AC units are to be shown including manufacturer, model and efficiency. The Certificate of Compliance and Mandatory Measures shall be completely filled out, signed by the proper individuals. All other applicable worksheets and forms shall be included.

8. Electrical: Provide single line diagrams, load calculations and panel schedules for the electrical service. Note: minimum of a 100-amp service for a single-family residence.

9. Plumbing: Provide plumbing isometric or line drawings for all proposed plumbing.

10. Structural: If the proposed residential structure does not meet the "Conventional Light Frame Wood Construction Provisions" in section 2308 of the 2007 California Building Code two sets of structural calculations shall be submitted and the plans shall be sealed and wet signed by the professional responsible for the calculations. All new commercial construction requires engineering.

11. School impact mitigation fees: For all new construction, impact mitigation fees must be paid prior to the issuance of the building permit.

The following clearances will be required prior to the issuance of your building permit:

1. Planning Department - Zoning or Coastal Zone requirements, height, setback, lot coverage, flood, parking requirements, etc. (707) 464-9506

2. Public Works Department - Sewer and water connections, streets, curbs, gutters and sidewalk requirements, Encroachment permits, storm water retention, etc. (707) 464-9506

3. Del Norte County Health Department - Commercial kitchens, public pools (707) 464-3191

4. Del Norte County Unified School District - School Mitigation Impact Fees. (707) 464-0202

5. City of Crescent City Volunteer Fire Department - Sprinkler systems, fire alarming, commercial kitchen fire suppression, etc. (707) 464-9506

6. Letter of Authorization from property owner for commercial projects, (tenant improvements).

7. Agent/Employee notarized authorization when representing Contractor.

8. A California Licensed Electrical Contractor is required for all commercial construction including owner builders and tenant improvements.

If you have questions please contact: Linda Jangala (707) 464-9506

Cultural Center: Cultural Center address: 1001 Front Street
Contact address: 377 J Street Crescent City, Ca. 95531
(707)464-7483, Fax: (707) 465-4405
Finance Director: Kenneth McDonald Administrative contact: Lisa Spear

Personnel Department: City Hall
377 J Street Crescent City, Ca. 95531
Phone: (707) 464-7483
Administrative Analyst: Laura Haban

Planning Department: City Hall

377 J Street Crescent City, Ca. 95531 Phone: (707) 464-9506

Associate Planner: Eric Taylor

Crescent City Police Dept:

686 G St. Crescent City, Ca. 95531

Phone: (707) 464-2133 Emergency: 911 Police Chief: Doug Plack

Office Hours: 8a.m. - 5p.m.
Monday-Friday except Holidays






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